Cast Iron radiators London

Through the relationships we’ve built over the years, we have been lucky enough to be involved in some truly amazing projects throughout London. Ranging from supplying some very high profile customers, a large list of celebrities to collecting stock radiators from the most beautiful historic buildings like the famous Cambridge House.

Radiator restoration projects London

In 2015 we were involved in the restoration project of Hackney Town Hall where we were responsible for restoring over 200 cast iron radiators which were all finished in Ardenbrite Bronze No.27.

Another large scale restoration project in London which we’ve undertaken, was to restore 162 radiators from the University of Arts, Holborn, London. This was quite a challenging project as some of the radiators were so substantial in size that they weighed a good ½ ton each. We also had a very small lead time to turn these radiators around as the building had to be completed before students started term again.

Stock radiators in London we’ve collected

The biggest collection of stock radiators has come from The Corinthia Hotel at the corner of Northumberland Avenue and Whitehall Place in London. This former British government building which was used in both World Wars was sold off by the ministry of defence in 2007. We purchased over 900 radiators when the strip out of this building took place. Not only was this good because of the amount of radiators acquired they were a perfect mix of 2 column, 4 column and 6 column radiators.   A lot of the 2 column and 4 column radiators have been put by specially to be used in our towel rails.

Another historic building where we were involved in a strip out was Cambridge House, a grade 1 listed mansion on the north side of Piccadilly London. This mansion was named after one of its previous owners, the Duke of Cambridge. We collected a large mix of Princess and Duchess Radiators. This was a great building to work in because of its beautiful architecture, its historic past and the collection of Princess and Duchess Radiators to this scale is quite rare.

Although we weren’t involved in the strip out of the old MI5 building we did however purchase over 250 radiators from the premises. A lot of customers ask if their radiators can come from this collection. If only radiators could talk, they could tell a tale or two.

Please see our radiators origins page where you will find images of when we were working in the buildings we have mentioned.

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