Radiator Styles

There are many different styles of radiators the have been manufactured over the years from different parts of the world. We have over 2000 thousand radiators in stock ,the radiators that we display are the range that are most used through out England. 

cast iron radiators

2 Column

The two column  radiator is an ideal radiator for all those areas were space is a premium due to its depth of 2.5 inches depth .This radiator starts at 18″ height and then 24″ and finally 30″.

4 Column

The 4 column radiator is one of the most popular radiator due to it’s round elegant lines and iconic style, at 5.5″depth it is in the middle of the column range.

6 Column

The 6 column radiator is great option for those large rooms were space is not an issue due to its depth of 8.5″this radiator will cope with the largest of spaces .it also starts at 18″h then 24″ to 30″ and finally 36″.

9 Column

The 9 column is the widest in the column radiator family at 13″ but the lowest at 13″
This is the only size that this radiator comes in .It works well under low windows or bench seats ,this radiator always draws at lot of attention due to its unique looks.


The princess is a round top radiator and has a very grand appearance,and due to its large size and depth of 8.5″and elegant lines again has the availability to heat the some of the largest rooms.this radiator starts at 18″then 24″ to 30 and 36 and finally 38.


The duchess is another round top radiator, due to is depth of 4.5 ” it is quite a slim radiator but still has the ability due to its heat output able to heat up some of the larger rooms.
Starts at 18″h then 24″h then 30″ and finally 36″.


The school radiator again is a round top radiator at 5.5 “depth it’s classic style is a great option for small to mid size outputs. Starts at 18″ then 24” to 30″h and finally 36″h