The truly impressive thing about original cast iron radiators is their unsurpassed build quality and timeless style and beauty. They come from a period where thing were built to last and cutting corners was not an option, hence these radiators are still with us today.

We give a unsurpassed 25 year guarantee on all the radiators we supply, these may seem generous but when you consider most radiators we supplied are around 50 -100 years old and will easily do another 100 years this should be offered as standard.  


A: 98% of cast iron radiators available in the uk are produced in China and due to poor construction and quality are only going to fail at some point, usually within the first 3 years. As a company we have a whole file on customer who’s replica radiators  HAVE FAILD AND HAD TO BE SCRAPED.

There are a few company that do sell in our option better quality reproductions. These are  useually identical copies of the originals but in some cases cost double the price. 


Modern radiators do not pound for pound give out as much heat as original cast iron radiators, but the do heat up a little quicker. This is more than compensated for as the original will continue to heat your room for up to an hour after tuning it off.  A modern radiator that will be cold in 10 – 15 minutes.

Q. Are cast iron radiators compatible with modern heating systems?
A. Yes. We fit reducing bushes to connect them to modern systems.

Q. Am I restricted on the sizes and styles I want to choose for my rooms?
A. We would suggest that your room dictates the size of the radiator and the choice of style is down to personal taste. However, remember that a balance between size of room and radiator is important.

Q. What colours can I have my radiator finished in?
A. We do have a wide range of colour finishes but if you require a specific colour we have the facilities to match it.

Q. Can you restore my cast iron radiator?
A. Yes we do offer a restoration service. Once you have contacted us by telephone or e-mail we will arrange collection of your radiator.

All our radiators are fully guaranteed