Towel Rails

The towel rails have emerged through Heritage Cast Iron Radiators, which has been trading for 21 years, reclaiming and restoring original cast iron radiators. Over the years many customers have asked whether we can supply them with towel rails; the only 2 options we had were to either source modern replicas or restore original towel rails.

The problem with both modern replicas and originals was that they were not in keeping with the rest of the radiators supplied through the house and the build quality i.e. thickness of brass tube combined with the pressed steel radiator was always going to present a long term problem, partly due to the reaction of different metals and water attacking the seals of the steel radiator.  It would only be a matter of time until these radiators started to fail. In addition, customers would find that once damp towels were put on the rail, their steel radiator had insufficient output to heat the room.

Although originals had a superior build quality to the replicas, they were rarely sufficient in their BTU output for the bathrooms as they only came in two sizes and one style.

Given the fact we had already perfected half the process, in restoring original cast iron radiators, we decided to produce our own towel rails. It has not been an easy task designing the rest of the towel rail – it has taken us over 3 years working alongside specialist engineers and an enormous amount of trial and error to perfect the design in order to produce the best quality towel rail we set out to achieve. We went back to the drawing board with the aim to design a towel rail better than existed anywhere else. We looked at all aspects of the towel rail, from construction method to quality of material used and the overall aesthetic appeal of the design, resulting in our towel rails being hand made to the highest standard, enabling us to give a 25 year guarantee on the towel rail.

All raw material is sourced and machined in England. The whole process of building our towel rails, from raw material to tube bending to brass machining, chrome plating and polishing are all undertaken by either ourselves or UK specialists.


We use extra thick brass tube which improves quality of construction and is also required for strength due to supporting extra weight of the cast iron radiator. All tubes are bent by manually controlling the machine using a skilled process and all brass base plates and wall brackets are machined from solid brass. To our knowledge this level of quality is not available anywhere else.