£2,483.00 Ex. Vat

A capital name for a capital bath, the Mortlake from the Windsor Baths collection by Imperial demonstrates their prowess for creative design that incorporates cutting edge technology.



Crafted into a graceful tulip profile, the Mortlake bathtub holds a calming quality both on the eye, and when in use. Its generous dimensions invite a deep fill and a long soak, with its double ended design catering for any orientation within the interior space. Crafted from a unique blend of mineral and resin, its patented Cian Solid Surfacing affords it protection and heat retention. When matched with either wall-mounted taps, or the more traditional tall floor-standing bath filler, it creates a breathtaking focal point within the bathroom themed around relaxation and sophistication.

This bathtub measure 570mm in height, 1680mm wide and 750mm deep. Please note that this tub is supplied without tap holes or decking space.