Reclaimed Cast Iron Baths

These are the cast iron bath we currently have in stock. Each bath can be  restored back to its forma glory.

When restoring an original bath it is very important to  use he very best  materials and process to achieve the highest possible standard. All our baths are virtuous enamelled Which is the only process that will last as apposed to spray enamelling  that is done in situ ,this process is not going to last . When restoring a original bath first the bath has all the old fixture removed ready for  sand blasting and degreasing.  Please call for prices.

A typical bath presented to us for enamelling

Step 1

First the bath has all fixtures removed, taps, waste etc, in preparation for blasting. Then the bath is sand blasted back to bear cast.

Step 2

At this point the bath is put in the furness and heated up to 800 degrees, which burns off any grease on the surface, then the first ground coat is applied.  

Step 3

The bath is now inspected for imperfections in the ground coat, after it has passed it goes back in the furness and heated back to 800 degrees. Finally the finishing coat is applied.